Caitlyn Jenner – Thank you for the first newsworthy Kardashian story ever.

I know am not alone in disliking the world’s obsession with the Kardashians. Media websites reach millions of views on a story which tells us nothing than the fact that one of the sisters bought a bikini or took a selfie, and it is considered news by many of the viewers.

It concerns me, that for so many years the world has watched a group of people with very little talent do things that require even less talent.

Based on all of the above I swore I would never write about anything Kardashian related. This was until Caitlyn Jenner showed up.


It’s like, finally there is purpose to their undeserved popularity.

For anyone living in a cave, the Olympian formerly known as Bruce Jenner, who was married to Kris of Keeping up with the Kardashians, has transitioned into a woman called Caitlyn.

Watch her video from the vanity fair shoot here.

For someone who is so well known among all areas of her life (when she lived as a man), Caitlyn will now help to make ‘transgender’ a far more common and understood identity because of her already established celebrity status.

After the amazing results of the marriage equality referendum here in Ireland, gay and bisexual people everywhere (as well as their allies) took a giant leap for equality, but I discussed several times with people that transgender rights and acceptance still have a long way to go.

As you might have seen from your social media news feeds, all reputable news and entertainment websites shared the story with support, admiration and encouragement – something that was much needed. The wikipedia page previously for Bruce Jenner was changed in minutes, using correct pronouns and explaining her journey appropriately.

Caitlyn, we salute you for embracing who you are and bringing transgenderism one step closer to wider acceptance.


download (1)

Finally, can we all just appreciate how wonderful she looks, her natural hair and make up helps us to see Caitlyn for who she really is, rather than her hiding beneath a face of heavy (drag) make up as I’m sure many cynics were expecting. The corset she wears helps to highlight her figure with a cinched waisted and rounded hips. (Well done to Vanity Fair and photographer Annie Leibovitz here too!)

Caitlyn has taken a giant leap, and the support around her can help other people to access who they truly are.

In her own words “I’m free”.


6 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner – Thank you for the first newsworthy Kardashian story ever.

  1. She is gorgeous and I’m so happy to see celebrities like herself, and Laverne Cox bringing media attention to the reality of Gender Dysphoria. I hope this encourages others who may be struggling 🙂

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  2. I have never been a fan of Bruce Jenner {for a few reasons} but think I’m going to love Caitlyn! She is beautiful and brave. I just wish she would have been able to do this years ago!

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  3. @Mysocalledchaos glad you enjoyed it, someone pulled me up on the ‘she’s not a kardashian’ thing, and just so everyone knows, I am aware of this, by referring to it as a Kardashian story, I just mean its about someone from the well known show, which I would otherwise never write about. 🙂 thanks for your comment x


  4. @wrightbrittany and @asleigh thank you both for your comments, I’ll be sure to check your blogs out now, Bruce was never an idol of mine, and I don’t know caitlyn personally of course, but regardless,she will encourage and support other people who are struggling with similar issues.
    Meg x


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