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So for once I’m going to write the type of post I hate – a rambling blog post that isn’t in the slightest bit journalistic or all that informative.

But I’m doing enough of that stuff in all other aspects of my life.

The once occasionally used blog of mine is now completely abandoned and the only reason I have time to write this one is because I am on a three hour bus journey from Galway to Dublin.

The only reason I’m really writing this one is so that I can document how busy I am right now – so that I don’t look back on my abandoned blog all angry at myself.

This year, my final year in university is the busiest year of my life and despite the odd panic attack or general meltdown, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would not have been able to handle all the projects and workloads I now take on if this were even two years ago, so for me that is a huge step to becoming more of the person I want to be.

My small collection of readers might want to know, what is it that has me so occupied, why is this the busiest year of my life? And there is a few good reasons:

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Features Editor at The College View: I am currently the features editor of my university’s local paper. And while it may only be a college paper, I feel so blessed and excited to have this position, for me feature writing is powerful, thought provoking and can be timeless. It is the style I have always loved even before I knew there was a difference. Being Features Editor is something I love, yes, it’s extremely time consuming, but what better way to consume my time than finding out what’s going on in the world and turning that into something people read, understand and care about. I love assigning stories, working with other writers to find the right angle, sub-editing and creating stories myself. I am so grateful that I love this position so much, because it has given me true confidence that I can do this for the rest of my life and really enjoy it!

You can read the college view here

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Vice Chairperson at DCU Cancer Society: Anyone who knows me will know that Cancer is something that has affected me in a million ways. Losing my Dad when I was 13 followed by my best friend Shauna and Uncle Miles in the space of a week when I was 16  all to cancer was more heartbreaking than I could ever put into words. And so, because of my them and their deaths I found that working with organisation that can help others has been therapeutic. I chose not to run for Chairperson because of my work with the newspaper, knowing that would occupy most of my time, I didnt want to go for something knowing I couldn’t put 100% into it. Although thankfully I have been just as involved as if I had have been Chairperson. Working with the Society, raising money for Cancer research , organising events and meeting people who are also affected has been amazing and I cant wait to do more events and meet more people through my work here.


Intern at Warner Music Ireland: I began a one day per week internship at Warner Music this September too. While I mostly work on spreadsheets, making phone calls and compiling lists, I just love being surrounded by discussions about artists, the best way to market them and the work that goes into turning musicians into stars. I worked at Warner for one week when I was 16 and nearly 5 years later I got a facebook message asking if I’d like to come back. I was a confidence boost for me I gave a good impression all those years ago, enough to be asked back.

Working with these 3 projects among many other radio shows, videos and college work has kept me more than busy. But what a great complaint to have.

If I think about my seldom used blog in a few month’s time at least I can read this post and know that I’m not abandoning the blog, I’m exploring my work and interests and loving every minute of it.


2 thoughts on “A Busy Bee’s bus blog post

  1. A both well titled and written post Megan. The days are not nearly long enough and with your workload, they must seem even shorter! Take care and most of all, enjoy life! You sound most happy, so much to be proud of and look forward to each day. 🙂

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