A Busy Bee’s bus blog post

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So for once I’m going to write the type of post I hate – a rambling blog post that isn’t in the slightest bit journalistic or all that informative.

But I’m doing enough of that stuff in all other aspects of my life.

The once occasionally used blog of mine is now completely abandoned and the only reason I have time to write this one is because I am on a three hour bus journey from Galway to Dublin. Continue reading


To the woman who penned a letter to the Anton Savage show

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A woman who went by the name of LC sent a handwritten letter to the Anton Savage show about the loss of her father, and understandably, it was heartbreaking for me, because of how similar her feelings were to mine, when my own dad died.

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Everything that’s wrong with the ‘Dont judge challenge’

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We come across all sorts of videos on social media, from hilarious and ridiculous vines, to powerful campaigns to the newly hyped challenges.

Don’t get me wrong, after some initial hesitation I became all for the previous challenges that stormed the internet, from the ice bucket challenge to the no make-up selfie, these silly ideas were all for the greater good, raising millions and awareness for much needed causes.

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The Berkeley Tragedy & A response to the New York Times

On the 17th on June this year, I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard the news. Six irish students (one with dual Irish-American citizenship) were killed after a balcony collapsed in Berkeley California. Seven others were seriously injured. My heart sank, my mind racing, trying to calculate how many people I personally knew on their J1 in that exact location.

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My favourite song and the importance of lyrics


A question that comes up quite often and is seldom simply answered is “What is your favourite song?”

I, just like the rest of those asked, will always say ‘Oh god, I have so many, I could never choose just one’. However, there are some lyrics that to me, stand the test of time and say things that sum up exactly what I was going through when I heard it.

For me one of those songs with a stand out verse was from ‘After the storm’ by Mumford and sons

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Caitlyn Jenner – Thank you for the first newsworthy Kardashian story ever.

I know am not alone in disliking the world’s obsession with the Kardashians. Media websites reach millions of views on a story which tells us nothing than the fact that one of the sisters bought a bikini or took a selfie, and it is considered news by many of the viewers.

It concerns me, that for so many years the world has watched a group of people with very little talent do things that require even less talent.

Based on all of the above I swore I would never write about anything Kardashian related. This was until Caitlyn Jenner showed up.

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