Losing Aer Arann would be like losing your friendly neighbour

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As the news broke last week that the plane service may be taken away, people found it hard to put into words just how unfortunate it would be to lose it.

Some will argue the valid point that the Airport and Ferry Port are in close proximity so changing that would mean that people could not link the two and use both services interchangeably. Something that we have been doing for decades.

Others argue the fair point that we don’t know the details of any alternative service or the reliability of proposed services in terms of weather conditions, flights per day and costs among many other things.

My biggest fear is that we are losing our friendly ‘lifesavers’. The local doctor will tell you that there has been many times that Aer Arann and their employees have made sure to deliver vital necessities and results to her door or deliver important tests and information to the other side. And this is what any good friend would do.

Others will tell you about how many times they have desperately needed car parts or other things we simply cannot source here, and couldn’t wait for the evening ferry to receive them. Aer Arann’s wonderful team make sure to put what you need on the plane, put it behind the desk and give you a ring to let you know it’s here, or even drop it to you if needed.

My fondest thought of Aer Arann in terms of going the extra mile, may come across as a silly one to some, or at least I will come across as a crazy cat lady to most, but hey!

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A few years ago my beloved cat Lily got extremely hurt by a dog, she had a deep gaping hole in her side, where her soft white fur usually was. Because there was no vet here, we brought her down to Marion, our doctor, who said she needed to go to the vet right away. We gave the team down at Aer Arann in Inis Mór a ring who without hesitance agreed to put her on the next plane. When she got to Inverin, we got a call to say she had arrived safely and had been put on the Aer Arann bus. The bus driver, on his way into Galway with his passengers, stopped at Barna Vet, and dropped her off. We then got a call from Barna Vet to let us know she was there safely and that she would be okay to leave the following morning. The bus driver picked her up that morning on his way to the plane and the staff in Inverin put her on the plane. Minutes later, we got a call from the staff in Inis Mór to say she had arrived safely.

It’s safe to say that Lily recovered and is still happy and healthy, she may not have been so, without all our friends at Aer Arann. The ferry journey would have taken too long, and any proposed alternative services could not and would not do what they did, just like a stranger living next door wouldn’t go to great lengths to help you, in the same way that the family living next door to you for 45 years certainly would .


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